Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Destination 6: Offline

Is there a worse fate for a nomadic blogger than not being able to get online?

For a myriad of reasons beyond my control, and after much frustration and meditation, I'm back online. But my GAWD it's been maddening to not be able to check email and update this blog.

So for all those who sent messages of the Where-the-eff-are-you ilk, I am here. I am online. I am safe. It's all good.

Without my online connection to y'all, I felt like my anchor had uprooted and left me adrift in a sea of strangers. I walked and wished I could tell you what I was seeing (beauty), who I was meeting (nobody), what I was experiencing (lonesomeness). This little offline hiccup made me realize just how much company you provide me, dear reader, on my travels.

There is so much to tell you.

First of all, I'm in Rome. Rome, Rome how I love Rome!

But before I tell you about where I am, I want to tell you about where I've been.

I want to tell you all about my days in the English countryside of Yorkshire Dales.

I want to tell you all about being in London for the Royal Wedding.

I want to tell you about being in Rome for the beautification of Pope John Paul II.

But first, I need to tell you that I'm back online. I'm safe. I'm here.



  1. AnonymousMay 03, 2011

    Missed ya! Glad you're safe. Looking forward to those updates. Thought you might have visited "the butcher" in your blog-absence.

  2. where-the-eff-are-you ilk (aka Jule)May 03, 2011

    'bout 'effing time!

  3. When I talked to you this morning I let out a sigh of relief .i was ready to put Jule on the plane for the"search".Keep in touch


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