Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Destination 7: Glasgow, Scotland

Before I arrived in Rome and London, I spent some time in Glasgow and then in the English countryside.


Turns out, there isn't much in the way of touristy things to do in Glasgow. I'm not knocking the city by saying this. I was actually relieved to be let off the hook and not feel required to do a lot of site seeing. Or is it sight seeing? Either way, I didn't do any of it. Instead, I took time out of my busy tourist schedule to chill.

I spent my three days in and around the glorious CitizenM hotel. I shopped, relaxed and caught up on emails. I think I watched ten episodes of Friends in my hotel room. They LOVE Friends here.

I also went to the drug store (how I love Boots), took care of my postal needs at the post office and I bought new running shoes, as I wore mine out traipsing around Paris.

Here's a little benefit of being me: I haven't purchased my own running shoes in years. I have a shoe guy. Every once in awhile a new pair of runners arrives at my back porch. No questions asked. My shoe guy gets concerned about my feet. He thinks I don't change my runners nearly as much as I should. He's probably right. That's why he takes care of it for me.

But in Glasgow, I'm a long way from my back porch. So, I bought myself some cute runners that make me seem more European.

I love my new shoes. Apparently, so does my hotel. Look at the lovely mat that welcomed me back to CitizenM:

Aw shucks, CitizenM. You're the best.
Have shoes. Will travel. Onward to Yorkshire Dales...

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