Friday, May 6, 2011

London: Attending the Royal Wedding

After my relaxing stint in the English countryside, I hopped a train down to the mayhem that is London before the Royal Wedding.

I started my exploration of the town on a double decker bus. I think this is a good idea UNLESS it's the week of the wedding and everyone and their mother is in town for the event. Then you're on a bus stuck in traffic for three hours.

I did not leave Los Angeles to be stuck in traffic.

Double decker bus tour: FAIL, but only during the week of the Royal Wedding. I'd highly recommend it any other time of the year. Except during the World Cup.

So on wedding day, I took to the streets. The atmosphere was celebratory, the energy was joyous. I was glad to be smooshed into the crowds. The sidelines were 20 people deep so I mostly got shots of people and of cars going by very fast. So if you wished you were there, I'm telling you that the best seat in the house was definitely for those on TV.

This is as close as I got to the bride and groom.

The queen enjoying a cup of tea.

Regent Street all dolled up for the day.

Lot's of touristy stuff to buy.

Paparazzi outside waiting for Charles to emerge.

I went to Buckingham Palace the day before the wedding while I could still get close.

Why? What's going on?

Tired tourists taking a breather after walking up the Mall.

Interviewing a dog for the Dog with Jobs show.

Entertainment Tonight. The lady in yellow is Mary Hart.

Jane Seymour, also known as my friend Wendy's cousin.

Everyone wants a Princess Kate doll.

Thought about it.

Regent street at dusk.

Harrod's had a wedding cake in each of it's many windows. They were all spectacular.

I can't get enough of the taxis, buses and flags.

Wedding attendant super hero.

Hard core royal watchers.

Was it? Was it!!?!??!!

Cute kids.

When the flag is up, the Queen is in town.

Me, too. If he'll have me.

Tuckered out.

Arts and crafts while you wait.

I don't know who this guy was but everyone else seemed to know.

The night before the big kiss.

Jim from Santa Monica joined me for the festivities the night before.

Police were escorting fancy cars filled with fancy people all over town.

My complimentary copy of the Evening Standard.

He wouldn't even move for this big news.

Another rockin' window display.

This is probably the only day where all the girls can wear their hair barrettes as tiaras.


  1. Well Janice, I was sick in bed for days with the flu. I thought I'd seen everything made available to humankind regarding the happy couple. You've just made it even bigger. And your coverage was much nicer than that old Joan Rivers. Thanks girl. Glad you're having fun. I love your pic with the Evening Standard.
    Where are we going next?

  2. Hey you were pretty close to my cousin Jane...she's the one in red next to Mary Hart incase you didn't know...I'm going to show Roy he'll be excited since the last time he saw her she grabbed his butt.

  3. Mel HethMay 08, 2011

    Your pictures are fantastic! You really captured a lot of the fun atmosphere there. Very cool you were able to see it all in person.


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