Monday, May 9, 2011

London: Walking, thinking and house hunting

Nietzsche wrote, "All truly great thoughts are conceived while walking."

Jim, The Beebs and I decided that if great thoughts are conceived while walking, then walking in the neighborhoods of the greatest thinkers would give us especially great thoughts. So, we took to the streets of London to look for the homes of Mark Twain and Mozart. We found a lot of pretty scenes along the way.

THE Travel Bookstore in Nottinghill on Portobello Road. Yes, that one.

The painted row houses in London are so festive.

Mapping out the plan during tea time.

Some photos you just have to include. I can't go writing a post about London without Big Ben.

Or the London Eye.

Or the red telephone booth.

This is the most brilliant idea London has ever had. Really, truly great thinking.

This is the most brilliant idea Jim has ever had.

He charted the conversion rates and laminated the card. He also made sure it was the size of a credit card so it would fit perfectly in his wallet. Genius.

The great thinkers of London went to the prettiest bookstores.

This is a typical Jim shot. We had a blast taking photos together... and a lot of each other.

Jim in his element.

Another batch of festive row houses.


I love it when a parked car makes for good foreground.

Jim and I knew we were near Mark Twain's house, but it was still tough to find the sign that proved it.


Official shot proving I was outside Mark Twain's house.

After Twain, finding Mozart was easy.

It's quite a thrill to walk the same streets as Mark Twain and Mozart. I wonder if they, like me, created their art as they walked around their neighborhoods. For me, walking is a necessary tool of writing.

So we took a stroll around the neighborhood to soak up some great thoughts by the great thinkers of our time. 

Then we went for a drink. We don't want to get too smart, too fast.


  1. Mark Twain also spent a big chunk of his life in Buffalo, so if you want to walk around another one of his neighborhoods and take your picture in front of another of his homes, come for a visit whenever you're back stateside!

  2. If I could, I would buy a postcard with some lame picture of Toronto on the front (probably somewhat redundant, since all pictures of Toronto are lame), mail it just slightly back in time to when you and Mr. & Mrs. Stern were traipsing around shooting up Olde London Towne, and on the back in the big white space I would write the words:

    "Wish I was there".

    Wonderful shots... so glad you guys could hang out together like this, fantastic.

  3. Jeesh I messed that up. Period BEFORE the colon. Hate myself.

  4. Brilliant.


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