Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Rome: My favorite gelato

Rome makes everything sexy.

You stand in front of a Vespa? You feel kinda sexy.

Security guards walking down the street? Sexy.

The Vatican? Sexy.
(Ladies, you'll want to click on that link.)

Store catalogs? Sexy.

After spending so much time in sexy Rome, you even start to notice Jesus differently in all those churches. The six pack, the long hair, the hero thing. Whew.

Wow I feel weird admitting that.

And then there is gelato.

You can feel like Jabba the Hut, hauling your frumpy ass all over Rome, but when you get yourself a gelato in a cone, you feel like you're a hot porn star.

People all over Rome are licking gelato like they are at third base. Tongues lap up the drips of luscious hazelnut, lips smooch the mounds of peach and eyes roll back at the first taste of strawberry.

Porn. All over Rome. For 2 Euro.

You can tell a lot about a person's love life when you observe their gelato behavior.

There are the "Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Wednesday" types. These people get gelato daily. They also like to get busy daily, or would if they could. 

There are the "Can't Settle Down" types. These people taste test a lot of flavors before settling on just one. Once they make a choice and walk away with their cone, they are still thinking of what other flavors are out there that they could experience.

You'll also see the "Shouldas." These are the people that try a flavor but shoulda got the other one. These people live with regret. They probably regret most of the decisions they've made in life, especially in regard to relationships.

Then there are the "Monogamists." They found the one flavor that fills their heart with joy. They would eat this flavor everyday if they could.

Then there are the "Observers." These are a rare but sad breed. They aren't eating, partaking or even enjoying watching others partake in the gelato-eating orgy. I don't know how they live life but they must be sad and lonely.

I was a Monogamist when I first arrived in Rome because I liked hazelnut so much, but then a Roman friend of mine told me in all seriousness that I MUST try more flavors. Now I'm a Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Wednesday type with Can't Settle Down tendencies. I'm not a Shouldas type as everything I've tried has been fantastic, which is also true of my love life come to think of it. And I wonder now if I can ever be a Monogamist again, but I know for sure that I can't be just an Observer.

Check out sexy Marni enjoying our favorite flavor of gelato (that day). It's Gnutella from Giolitti and we think it might actually just be frozen Nutella that was whipped into a frenzy.

I think she's thinking of love.
I'm thinking of something else.


  1. "After spending so much time in sexy Rome, you even start to notice Jesus differently in all those churches. The six pack, the long hair, the hero thing. Whew. " LMAOOOOOOO! You have such a way with words my friend!

  2. Dude you look pretty sexy eating that cone.

    Pretty sure I'm a monogamist. I can't seem to pull myself way from the caffe. Although the lemon was delicious too...

  3. by the way, I love the gingham!

  4. Very sexy indeed lady. . . wish I could lick up some gnutella with you and Marniliscious!


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