Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Rome: Unexpected honeymooners join me for dinner

I love it when a plan comes together.

...especially when I didn't plan it.

My friend Melissa was in Rome with her new husband on their honeymoon. Naturally, we had to spend the day together.

So after I left dear, wonderful Claudio to protect the Vatican, I took a stroll to the Colosseum where I met Melissa and her husband to hop on a bus to the catacombs. It's a longer walk than one thinks.

Travel tip: From the Vatican to the Colosseum, it's best to take a cab and save your feet the grief.

I don't see Melissa very often. Like me, she's a copywriter. But unlike me, she's still at it. We met a few agencies back and have been in touch, though sporadically, ever since. Yet when we saw each other, we were up to date on everything. Why? Because we follow each others' blogs. Her main blog is Life According to Mel Heth and she, too, wrote a post about our day together.

I had wondered if I would get lonely on this trip. That I would want to run back to my old life. But I don't get lonesome when people from my old life keep showing up in my new one.

It makes me feel like I'm held in the hands of God.

(Maybe I'm extra spiritual today because of my visit to the Vatican.)

In Rome, I have three local friends and I have to space them out so that 1) they don't get sick of me, and 2) I don't get lonely. But then Melissa shows up unexpectedly and boom! Dinner dates.

Days like this make me grateful for my advertising career. I met good people in advertising.
Her husband, Mr. W as he's called in her blog, is also tremendously kind. He took care of all the directions to wherever we were going so that Melissa and I could pay more attention to the content of our conversation than our maps. And for me, who is always in charge of directions because I'm traveling solo, it was nice to let someone else take over.

Seeing Mel gave me a boost of home. I think I talked her ear off. In Rome, days can go by without speaking to anyone beyond waiters and store merchants. She, in pure Melissa fashion, let me rattle on. She exudes kindness, generosity of spirit and she's really good at the ol' coin toss.
There is only one wish you can make at the Trevi Fountain: That you will return to Rome... But that implies that you'll leave Rome. I'm not sure about that yet.

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  1. Sweetest post ever. Thank you for all your kind words. It was such a fun day. And I have to tell you again how photogenic you are! The Trevi Fountain was meant to have a picture of you tossing a coin into it. :)


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