Thursday, May 5, 2011

A stroll through Yorkshire Dales


There are no other words for it, besides perhaps picturesque and lovely.

The English countryside of Yorkshire Dales is a lamb-filled, rolling hill, blossoming tree fairytale land.

Since the hiking didn't go over too well with Holly, we decided to take a few road trips beyond where we stayed in Kirby Longsdale. Holly wasn't too keen on that either, so there was a lot of singing of nursery rhymes in the car.

At first, I wanted to take photos of every lamb and red telephone booth I saw. But then I realized they were everywhere.
Kirby Longsdale cemetery is famous for it's lovely daffodils. I missed the big show by about a week.

My hosts. Have baby, will travel. We strolled through the charming town of Kirby Longsdale.

The farmer who owns the farm on this famous picturesque shot of the dales decided to paint the barn pink, much to the dismay of his fellow citizens. They sued him. He won. Take THAT!

The lovely view from my bedroom.

I swear, they just creating picturesque scenes for me to photograph.

Another charming town.

I guess I'll go pee in the bushes. Not lovely.

Yet another picturesque town.

The roads are narrow and scary. Not charming or lovely, but very picturesque.



"Turn right at the stone house, then turn left at the stone house, then turn right again at the stone house."

"... then turn right again at the next stone house."

C'mon. Could you get prettier? I think not. The kids were having an Easter egg hunt in the cemetery. All the eggs were Cadbury Cream Eggs. The big ones. These kids went ape shit.

Hi there Spring. Nice to see you. I find you lovely.

English hoodlums.

The telephone booth: Charming and typical but lovely and picturesque.

All the touring around meant we had to stop for tea at a charming little tea house.

It looks like a Hollywood backdrop, but it's yet another typically charming English town.

C'mon. Now you're just showing off.

I couldn't resist.

Chimney pots galore.

Could their be more charming towns? Yep. Here is yet another.

... And another.

This was right down the street from where we stayed. In the background, you'll find the butcher and the cheese monger. I always seem to stay near a butcher. Is someone trying to sway me from my vegan ways?

This is Robin. He has lived in Kirby Longsdale for 66 years.

Robin and I met at the coffee shop one morning. I bought scones for the household (which are neither dry nor tasteless like they are in the States). Robin and I struck up a conversation and he took me for a stroll around town. We walked through the cemetery and he told me of the most notable deaths. "These five girls died in a hotel fire in 1926. And this guy drowned in the river right down there." 

He took me to Swine Lane, where they once sold pigs. He took me down the path between the church and the castle, which was created so that royalty could easily make it to church on Sunday mornings. 

He told me of his grandchildren, of his recent retirement as a solicitor (lawyer), of love and many other charming and lovely details about growing up in picturesque Kirby Longsdale. I shared my scones with him as we sat on this bench.

It was a lovely morning.



  1. enjoyed the read wish I was there with you

  2. Anita SzucskoMay 05, 2011

    Amazing the stories you learn when you take the time to get to know someone. Beautiful, gorgeous pictures, Janice

  3. I like this morning. Sounds like a scene from a movie.




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