Thursday, June 16, 2011

NEW BOOK: Office Town

So I made a book online

So I made a book online
An actual book
And ebook version
Because I'm hip to the modern age

That was an interesting exercise

I'm not sure what made me
Want to make an actual book
Beyond the same reasons
Everyone has for wanting a book
Of their very own

But now it exists beyond
Scribbles and the Word doc
And that's gotta count for something
Put it toward my 10,000 hours of success
Because I'm hip to Outliers, too

Was it dreams of grandeur?
Entirely possible
Was it futile?
Entirely possible
Was it the thought
That a million people
That I don't know
Will discover this sensational book
About office life grumbling?


It was "completion energy"
That I wanted running through my veins
But all the uploading
And reuploading
Just made me tired
And the final discovery
At the price when it's printed
Made me grumble again

I don't know
If it was worth it
In the end
But here it is

The ebook: 
Corporate drudgery to nomadic bloggery.

The printed book:


  1. Just bought the ebook. Can't wait until the kids are in bed tonight so I can dig in!!! Oh and I thought I would mention that we are from the same area!! You went to highschool with my sister Dorothy. My maiden name is Deeg :)

  2. Thanks April! And yes, I know Dorothy. She has a last name with lots of c's and s's now. I'm glad you got the ebook and not the printed book. I'm awaiting the printed edition with trepidation. Who knows how that will turn out. Yikes.

  3. Could it be that you have just written "literature"?

  4. Woo hoo I'll be needing some new summer reading soon! Looking forward to it.

  5. I think that this is really like this information, I know that some poem are wonderful, I will get this book !

  6. Okay how did I miss this? How do I order it?


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