Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Rome: Painted letters, FREE advice and a CONTEST!

I'm doing a talk at the Rock Your World Summit this Saturday June 11 @ 10 a.m. PT.

The talk is called:

Finding Your Life Through Finding Your Art

It's about how art can change your life if you let it. Sign up and listen to speakers all week because it's FREE and awesome.

I'll be telling the story of this here blog that you read from time to time and how it led me out of  corporate day-to-day drudgery and into the fascinating world of nomadic bloggery. 

I'll also be giving away a painted letter to a lucky winner. See the video below.

I've been inspired by Percy Kelly and have been painting letters to friends. One could be yours if you sign up for the summit which is FREE. You'll have to email me to enter though. Two steps. That's all.

Here are a few painted letters I've sent to friends recently:

The fountains of Rome make all the noise of the city stop. I can sit next to a fountain, listen to the trickling water and come back to myself. All the other sounds fade away so that I can only hear my thoughts and the soothing fountain. It's as if they've agreed—the fountain and my ears—to drown out everything else so I could collect myself and my thoughts for the next leg of the journey. But sometimes the only word I hear is Stay.

There are many questions I have about the Italian language, like whether to add the "H" as shown above. My Google Search proved fruitless. My day at Villa (H)Adriana will always be remembered fondly for the beauty of the ruins, but more for the company. I laugh to recall standing in the shade and traipsing through the woods in search of the exit. And of course, the many photos I made you pose for along the way. I'm like a Japanese tourist with my camera. Thank you for a dreamy day among the ruins.
I can't believe my luck. I managed to score an apartment right near the Pantheon during my stay in Rome. Nearby is a restaurant I go to when my feet won't take me further and my head is full of historic facts from tours and museums. There I sit with my glass of surprisingly amazing house wine and watch people mill around the Pantheon. They take photos in between sips of water or licks of gelato. Many stop, take a photo and move on to the next site, which is a bit sad because I think many miss the majesty of the site. The Pantheon doesn't seem to mind though. It seems to say that it was here before anyone arrived and it will be here long after all those tourists leave. That monument has a lot of confidence.

Rome may be the busiest place on earth this week. Pope John Paul II went and got beatified right in the middle of my vacation. This means I've been trying to navigate my way around church groups from around the globe all week. A tiresome little task, I assure you. This little church I drew is tucked into a busy shopping street. You'd hardly know it was there if you didn't look. I noticed it because I don't like shopping.

When I have hit my limit of hurt, seething and lonesomeness, I write to him. I spill out everything until I am hollow. I tell him what happened, how I am feeling, admit that I've cried. That I'm not as brave as I'd hoped. I write him because I know he won't try to fix it. But he writes back immediately telling me he understands, telling me a joke, and without meaning to, he fixes it anyway. 
The video of me making the painted letter I'm giving away at the Rock Your World Summit.


  1. AnonymousJune 07, 2011

    Love the video and the music you paired with it!

  2. Those are beautiful, Janice! My gosh you're talented.

    I'm so bummed - I can't attend the summit because I'll be out of town. Hoping you'll have another painted letter contest in the future! Or perhaps I can commission one? :)

  3. AnonymousJune 07, 2011

    I love your painted letters!

  4. Feel free to send one my way, they rock. I think you know the address, and in case you forgot it's mAc capital Leod.

  5. This is beautiful because this is not only beautiful paintings but also it has a perfect legend with incredible thoughts, I'd like to learn that incredible technique.


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