Thursday, June 2, 2011

Tanya Davis saying it like it is

Sometimes I need to take a breather from all this traveling business.

It's nice to put down the day pack and effort.
To stop trying to communicate in a different language.
To not politely laugh at jokes I don't understand.
To stop wondering if the joke is on me.
To put down the map and go no further than the bakery around the corner.
To heal my pink shoulders, ears and nose.
To stop weaving around tour groups.
To stop standing in lines for everything from concerts to gelato.

When I quit my job to travel the world, I thought I'd have more days to linger.

Correction: I thought I'd give myself more days to linger. 

So today I decided that it was okay to stay in, surf online and hang out.

And what did I do? I lingered over lines of poetry by Tanya Davis.

Tanya Davis is a poet from Halifax, Nova Scotia. Her words are full of truth, vulnerability and beauty. She has this awkwardness about her that captivates. And I could listen to her east coast Canadian accent all day long. It's nice to hear an accent from home when I'm on the road.

So rather than reading about my travels, take a breather like I did and listen to Tanya Davis tell it like it is from wherever you are.  

This is her most popular video. It's about the beauty of being alone. I posted it here awhile ago, but it's worth a repost.

... And a super cute video about being an artist in this world.

... And the most lovely little vulnerable poem.


  1. Jan, Zachy and I loved the art video! He said, "Wow, he's pretty good drawer, huh?"

  2. I loved the first video when you posted it. I love the new videos. Viva art!

  3. Hi from a fellow Canadian. I love reading your blog and think its amazing what you are doing!! My husband and I are working our way through "the Artists Way" and it has inspired us to start planning a 2 year tour of North America in our camping trailer with our 4 children. Hoping to take off in 6-12 months :)

    Oh and I love these videos espicially "how to be alone"



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