Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Things you don't expect to miss

I arrived at the hotel and called from the lobby phone.

"Mason, I'm here."

"I'll be there in a minute."

I hung up the phone and thought about his phone voice. I spent four years hearing Mason's phone voice. And I spent most of those years having this exact conversation. Before today, it was in reference to a post-it he'd left on my desk that read, "Client changes. Call when you're back." I'd call. He'd come over. We'd go through the client changes.

I didn't realize until this most recent call how long it's been since I heard his phone voice.

It's amazing. The things you don't expect to miss. But there I was at a hotel lobby in Paris, very aware of how nice it was to hear his voice.

As I sat in the lobby, I thought about the other random things I miss from my old life that I don't get in this new Paris life, beyond missing friends and family, of course.
  • Whole Foods couscous... always done to perfection
  • My parking spot at Peet's Coffee
  • Staples pens aisle... mmm the Uniball
  • Lester who did cool dance moves when he walked by my office
  • Angel cards and angel card readings
  • Kirtans by Daniel Stewart at yoga studios around town
So I've got to get on that. Adding reasonable facsimiles to my daily life. Finding another Lester will be tough.

Mason soon bounded down to the lobby with Charisse, his blushing bride. They are here in Paris celebrating their one year anniversary.

As we walked around the 6th, looking for dinner, I remarked on how nice it was to see them on their anniversary. I couldn't go to their wedding. Hadn't accrued enough vacation days. All that crap. But now, I am free of such drudgeries and am able to roam freely beyond the borders my old office space and human resources rules and regulations.

When Mason and I started working together, he'd just started seeing Charisse and I was just ending my Master's Degree program. Five years later, here we were in Paris, traipsing around ordering drinks and food and talking English. It was fantastic!

These days, I get really excited to go out for dinner with people who speak English.

I miss that, too.
Happy anniversary!


  1. Lovely! I bet you don't miss client changes! I've got a job bag here waiting for you if desire it.

  2. Pretty sure every office has a Lester. Those are the moments that make the every day drudgery of office life not so bad.

  3. Mandy's comment made me laugh. I could send some tracked-Word documents your way, too...

    I love how the people from your old life keep popping up in your new one. Total star alignment.


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