Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Dear AT&T,

It's not even about the dropped calls.

It's that you were charging me over $100 every month for a phone that I can use for about $20 a month.

It's that if someone happened to call while I was traveling, you'd charge me anyway.
Even if I didn't pick up.
Even if they didn't leave a message.

Did you know that 2 missed calls is the same price as a cup of coffee?
Did you know that I'd rather have that coffee than pay you?

I tried to let it go.

I wrote another letter to get it out of my system. Did a burning ritual. Made little voodoo dolls with your logo as the head. But here I am again. Needing to publicly post my perturbation to processes the pain.

I don't hate you. I'm disappointed that things turned out this way. You're like a bad love affair. After the honeymoon with the iPhone, I'm stuck with a hotel bill that charged me too much for cocktails at the beach bar.

Why do you have to gouge people? You took something good—the iPhone—and turned the experience into a feeling of being had. And when I call you on it via a customer service rep, it seemed that nothing could be done. Their hands were tied. Because somewhere along the line I clicked a little box that said I agreed to the Terms & Conditions that allowed you to charge me when I miss a call on vacation. 

Well it seems something can be done.

I canceled my service even though it pained me to release my coveted 310 area code phone number.
I jail broke and unlocked my phone.
Now I have a SIM card for every country I visit and plenty of cash for coffee.

AT&T—You're the middle seat on an airplane. By the way, JetBlue currently buys long, skinny planes to eventually phase out the middle seat.

AT&T—You're what sitting through commercials used to feel like before Netflix and DVRs figured out how to skip commercials all together.

AT&T—You're the record player that skipped when someone danced too enthusiastically. But iTunes fixed that, too.

Because of you, one day costly phone contracts will have to die. People like me will walk away. I'm sure I'm not the only one who ever swallowed hard when seeing the balance I owe after Christmas in Canada or a month in Europe. Yikes. And all of this WITH your international plans.

People have already figured out solutions to the problem that is you. If it wasn't broken, there wouldn't be so many videos, blogs and articles about how to jailbreak, unlock and fix it. There wouldn't need to be free text apps if yours weren't so costly. Even WITH your text plans.

Today I finally paid off my astounding and outstanding AT&T bill.

I wiser now.
I've changed my ways.
I don't send frivolous play-by-play texts like "I'm 10 minutes away" or "I'll be there in 5."
I educate friends on jailbreaking and unlocking. 
I use Skype.
I email.
I even write letters sometimes.

Why? Because I'd rather minimize my mobile communication than pay for your coffee.

Formerly yours,
Janice MacLeod

PS And the apps work after I canceled my service even though your customer service representative told me they wouldn't. Lying is not cool AT&T. Not cool.


  1. Please explain what jailbreaking and unlocking is? I have never heard of them before.

    Thank you
    April H

  2. Yeah! Suck it, AT&T. I just cancelled my home phone service with them not 1 measly hour before reading your post.

  3. You're so Euro unlocking your phone!

    I hate AT&T. They sent me to collections on a bill I paid and they cashed. Asshats.


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