Monday, August 8, 2011

I have an interest in Pinterest

Confession: I took the subject line from Craftwack who also wrote about Pinterest.

She apologized for the quirky headline, but it made me snort out loud, hence the stealing.

So I prefer to consider it more of an homage than stealing.

Anyway, I know what you're thinking: What the hell is Pinterest?

It's a website where you can easily post all your favorite photos that you find around the web.

See a neat craft idea for making your own scratch off lottery tickets on one site and a pinstriped pinafore dress on another? Pin them both in one place on your handy dandy Pinterest page.

How about cute upcycled felt hairpins on Etsy,
a vintage pinball machine,
a creative way to penny pinch,
a photo of kids pinning the tail on the donkey,
or pinstriped porch that makes you imagine sipping lemonade...

Post it all in one place like I did on my Pinterest page.

For vision board makers, it's a nice place to pin all your hopes and dreams in one place, too.

It's akin to clipping photos from magazines but it's more organized and weightless, which is important for my hard-to-pin-down nomadic One Suitcase lifestyle.

Pinterest isn't just interesting. It's addicting.

While my left brain is listening to DRY audio language lessons, my right brain can clip, pin and view pretty/funny/interesting JUICY photos.

What I like best about Pinterest is that I can feel the feelings of living in beautiful spaces or owning the pretty objects that make my teeth tingle without the cost, physical space and weight associated with these spaces or objects. The happiness flows through my system just like when I flip through a juicy magazine.

Here are a few examples from my Pinterest page:

Pretty upcycling from Brabourne Farm

Hilarious! Found on thechive
Dreaming of rain in this room from The Cottage Company of Harbor Springs

To sign up, go to Pinterest and request a pinvitation. Soon you'll surf the pinternet in a new way.

(Sorry. I couldn't resist.)


  1. Ha ha ha the pinternet! I love how you described Pinterest and it is completely addicting. It's so fun to peek at other peoples' collections, too, and repin their pics. That's part of what makes it so special.

  2. I want to kiss you for promoting my flower clips! Merci beaucoup!!

    I discovered Pinterest a few months ago and I think I literally drooled on my desk the first time I visited. It's eye candy to the max. I've yet to officially join, though. I'm scared I'll lose entire days if I do!

  3. I really enjoyed it. I put a link to my site to here so other people can read it. Good oh,Thanks for sharing your article.


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