Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Poland: Glimpses

At grandma's house, I put cream in my coffee
It stays black
I reach for the sugar and a big spoon
I wonder how it will all go down

At the cemetery, the crows squawk loudly in the trees
Announcing that they are there
I smile up at them knowingly
When we pray, they soar overhead
Announcing that they heard

Words volley across the table
English translated by the German to the Polish family
Polish translated by the German to the English guest
After a few hours, I am like the dog who lies at my feet
And drop my ears

Square buildings that were once Communist same same same
Are painted bright pastel colors
To hide the grey history beneath
And satellite dishes hang out of windows
Like gramophones announcing the arrival of things

The tomatoes are pure garden delight
We eat and watch the news together
The teenage son translates that they approved GMO
I want to scream out No and tell them why
But I just hang my head and reach for a final tomato

There is a constant push and pull
A collective decision to choose bright over grey
With video games and smartphones and pastel paint
Then grandpa arrives midday, midweek
In a suit for coffee


  1. Beautifully and creatively written....with few words and lots of depth!!!!!!! You've got talent, girl!!!!
    Keep it coming!


  2. Lovely. :) I just realized I haven't seen anything on your poetry blog lately, lady.

    I had to look up GMO because I'm not plugged in to the world. And now I want to scream, too. Ick.

  3. Wonderfully written with powerful imagery. Each paragraph is like a freeze frame from a short film.

  4. I love this. I didn't even know when I started to follow your blog that you write poetry. Extra bonus- you are truly talented.

  5. Like...I'm blown away. Now I want to go to Poland. Eat tomatoes and drink coffee.

  6. I appreciate your bravery to try new things. I also value your sensitivity in attention to details and your ability to communicate them in such a lovely way. There is such an active world inside you.


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