Saturday, September 3, 2011

Do not adjust your screens

The photo shown above is fully loaded.

I squished down the header photo. It was all a bit much to see my giant face every time I clicked on this site.

I don't have a giant face. I don't have a giant head. I have a normal sized face and head. But I thought the photos was disproportionate to the site itself. It was all "Here comes Janice's face!"

So I cut down the photo... an interim rebranding, if you will. Now I look at my eyes that aren't exactly symmetrical but they give my look a certain flirty je ne sais quoi. Now you know that I'm not perfectly symmetrical... even if you thought I might have been.

Life isn't symmetrical.

Let's take a trip down blog header memory lane:

My humble beginnings when I was shy and trying to be a serious writer. I learned that being serious isn't fun. I'm into fun. Next. 
This was taken while sitting on steps in Rome, waiting for my new friends Sandro and Marco to arrive. On this trip to Rome, I decided to leave my job. When there are places like Rome in the world, there is no reason to spend so much time in the San Fernando Valley, despite the reverse commute.

I had quit my job at this point and went to Hawaii to inaugurate my new life of vacation days and nomadic bloggery. And to start a base tan.
There is always that moment when you see the Eiffel Tower for the first time. This photo was taken in March of this year when I arrived in Paris. Secret fact: I took this photo myself. I had a camera in one hand and a baguette with brie and mustard in the other. I was very happy. And not only because my bangs kinda worked out that day.

This photo was taken in May of this year on the same steps as the original Rome photo. My friend Sandro calls it returning to the scene of the crime. There is a certain devilishness to my look. Another super secret fact: I took this photo, too. I forget what my other hand was doing. I think I was holding gelato. Or as Sandro would say, "gelato." Oh Romans! Oh the innuendo!

And that brings us to now:
Still devilish but a lot less in your face.


  1. Getting tired of all the randomness here. You really need to talk about yourself more.

  2. Who me? No, I'd rather talk about other people and do service work and save the animals.

  3. Not sure how saving animals works with the butcher, but I'll roll with it.

  4. Awe I kind of liked the old one better! It was fun to have a full face associated with the International Woman of Mystery.

  5. The more you are in my face, the better.

  6. You are so pretty! Why hide? I love looking at you every day. It makes me feel closer to you!!!

  7. I loved looking at all your previous headers- I've only known your last one. I like this one! It's mysterious.... and wow, I'm discovering it's really hard to stop fiddling around with my site and tweaking things here and there.

  8. beautiful - thats what you are!!! ...and SAVE THE ANIMALS!! YES!!!! (may i suggest, the elephant?????)

  9. I like the new photo best because I like the way you see things. From a rebranding viewpoint this is a nice concept. You can't take the need for a concept out of an ad person.

  10. you SO did not take that last photo...

  11. I SO took that last photo. And MK, I know you were there. And I know you took a few photos. But none of them rocked as much as the one I took of myself. I'm just that good.

  12. I really like your photos, You can be a professional photographer , excellent post , it is a fantastic blog !


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