Thursday, October 6, 2011

If Steve Jobs ruled the world

Steve Jobs 1955-2011

If Steve Jobs ruled the world...

I'd go to his iHotel. I would never have to wait in line in a hotel lobby. I could walk into the hotel, having already checked in on my iPhone and use a generated code on my phone to open the door to my room.

I'd fly on his iAirline. I would pay more for the airfare but I would truly know on an experiential level the meaning behind the old adage that it's the journey and not the destination.

I'd bank at his iBank. Online. At home. In my pajamas. And if I had to go into a banking center, the posters would be elegant. There would be no stock photography.

I'd drive in his iCar, blasting iTunes music through my amazing speakers.

I'd live in an iHome of his invention. Clean line minimalism and crazy cool gadgetry.

It's election day in my home province. The only thing everyone can agree on is that there is no clear favorite. This would not be the case if Steve Jobs were in the running to rule the world.

I was at dinner at a friend's house last night when the text came in, announcing the news that Steve Jobs is now reinventing on another plane. In that moment, there was silence, a common knowing that the news would come, and an awareness that forevermore, we would remember where we were when we heard it.

I told Christophe this news last night on FaceTime. He in Paris. Me in Toronto. "C'est la vie, baby." That's life. Simple. Direct. True.

Steve Jobs was aware that death was part of life, too. I've posted his Stanford commencement speech before, but somehow it seems fitting to repost today. If you have 15 minutes, take a gander. It's inspiring and gives us a glimpse of the inner thought process of one of the greatest inventors of our time.

Steve, you rule. Thank you.



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