Friday, October 28, 2011

World Domination: How to rule

The backyard is great for conjuring evil plans.

Since I've been hibernating in Canada's autumn wonderland, I've been reading Hugh MacLeod's Evil Plans:

"Everybody needs that Evil Plan that's going to pry their lives out of the jaws of crap jobs, cubicle hell, mediocrity and general despair." -- Hugh MacLeod
In 2010, my evil plan was to save up cashola, get all my belongings down to one suitcase, quit my job and trot around the globe.

So I pretty much rocked that one.

Now I'm conjuring up another evil plan for 2012. It's gonna launch on my birthday, which is December 27th. Feel free to get me the gift that won't take up room in my suitcase by clicking the Donate button on the upper right.

Shameless plug.

Since the success of my last evil plan, I can't imagine not having an evil plan to plug away at on the road to world domination.

So if you're thinking of creating your own evil plans, take my advice:
  1. Get a journal. Evil plans take a lot of pondering and note jotting.
  2. Steal time every day. Concentrated effort is needed for evil plan manifesting. If you don't have time, steal it from your day job, spend more time in the bathroom, do whatever it takes.
  3. Give at least 20 minutes a day. Seriously, all it takes to rule the world is 20 minutes per day of concentrated effort.
  4. Believe you're worth it. Being successful in something that brings you joy won't make you a crappy mother, friend, spouse or person. It will make you inspiring. Be inspiring. 
  5. Do the teeth-tingle check. When you think of your evil plan, do you get so excited that your teeth tingle. Doth it keep you up at night smiling? If not, edit and ponder further until it does.
  6. Remember that no evil plan is too big or small. Sure, I had a big evil plan last year, but sometimes I think an evil plan may be as small as learning how to make gourmet cheese at home or growing a garden... or having furniture.
  7. Believe fortune favors the brave. Magic happens to evil plan doers. When your idea moves from your journal into action steps, God will rush to meet you with good luck, perfect timing and the right people.
Maybe you want to open an online business
write a book
make pottery
get your taxes up to date
clean out your storage space and sell it all on ebay and craigslist
or open a pie shack
begin a drum circle
write a blog
give tours of maple sugar bushes
or share your knowledge of your favorite wine region
become a psychic
or tap dancer
hone the art of parenting
forgive your parents
begin it or end it with someone or something
learn to play guitar
or grow closer to God

That thing you just thought of? That's your evil plan.

And yes, it is possible.

Last year, when I was doing my evil plan, I didn't realize how much planning it would take. It's not as simple as Save, Quit, Go. Every day I wrote out the What's and Why's and Who's and plugged away at the tasks at hand. There is something that can be done every day to pull your evil plan out of the pages of your notebook so that it will one day dance with you in daily life.

So what are you waiting for?

Bwah ha ha haaaa.


  1. I love this concept!!!
    I'm going to start realizing one that has been germinating for some time. Can't share it right now.

    By the way, there is a reference of related ads running on Google right next to your blog"

    - Wisdom tooth pain
    - Teeth
    - Evil voodoo

  2. reading about you eating macaroons in Paris made it a must buy on my honeymoon. Thanks for keeping up the inspiration! -from Marais, Paris

  3. Shameless plug? So what else is new. You don't know where I could find any books about breakups or dating do you? Very inspiring post there missy. Fortune does favor the brave.

  4. I love this. I love thinking of goals as evil plans, because then they don't seem like big, scary goals. Can't wait to hear about your new adventure!

  5. I have my own evil plan (April, 2012) and I'm trying very, very hard to have faith in #7. I really can do this, but gah, sometimes it just seems so big.

  6. I love this post Blog Mama. That title is a badge that I give you as a reminder that you inspired me! You are inspiring, and this entry is one of those moments. I want to extrapolate one point though. I believe fortune AND misfortune favor the brave. But that's what the fun on your road to world domination are all about. Fun is not made up of everything going right. It's made up of fighting to make things go right. ( - shameless plug) Now...back to my evil plans...bwaa ha ha... ;)

  7. BTW - come back to LA sometime soon seeing you're almost there! We miss you! xx

  8. Great post, and great comments. Thanks, Janice... I feel inspired, too.

  9. Uh my current evil plan notebook is the one I won off your blog. I think it's tainted with good evil plan juju from you.

  10. Inquiring minds want to know........does Christophe fit into your evil plan??????????


  11. I've been so out of the blog loop, it's sad really. Finally have "real" internet (instead of mobile) and finally able to browse thru my favorite blogs!
    first and foremost, email me! (If you are still hibernating in Ontario...I would LOVE to see you)
    secondly, love the shameless plug! lol lol
    and third...when are we going to hear about this EVIL plan??????
    I'm dying to know your next adventure!


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