Thursday, January 5, 2012

Best. Resolution. Ever.

The photo above is the New Year's resolution of my friend and designer extraordinaire Eva Rees, who is also the super sexy model in this photo:

She is also the co-author of Forks & Jets, a picturesque blog about her year of traveling around the world and munching local fare along the way.

I just LOVE her New Year's resolution. It's well thought-out, infused with kind self-improvement and tinted with adventure. It's also pretty and frame-worthy, which could help one actually remember the resolutions one writes. She's one inspiring soul. 

In the past, my New Year's resolutions have reeked of self-loathing and punishable acts of starvation in order to reach some ridiculous and unkind number on the scale. But not this year. 

First, living in Paris, I haven't figured out how to effectively judge myself in kilos.

Second, in this city I can walk off every piece of brie I consume. So that's gonna happen, gleefully.

Third, I opted for taking on a Nurture Project instead of a New Year's resolution. In one ridiculously popular post I wrote a few weeks ago, I describe a Nurture Project:
The Nurture Project is when you pick a person that needs a little nurturing and you nurture them. Pretty simple stuff. There is only one rule: You can't tell them. It's a big fat secret.

If they knew they were officially being nurtured, they may feel like a charity case. Nobody wants that.
The feedback I've already received from the Nurture Project has been incredible. People have even stopped me in the street and told me that they were super psyched to replace their New Year's resolution with a Nurture Project. Most people already know who they are going to choose. My friend Karen, who was pulling out of my driveway in Canada, stopped and rolled down the window to tell me that the Nurture Project has an expansive feeling while a New Year's resolution has a contracting feeling. Well said.

My Nurture Project is already under way. Along with sending a few letters and emails, I've incorporated a little daily prayer to send good vibes her way. Whenever I say grace at dinner, I send out silent prayer for her, too. Whenever I brush my teeth, I do the same. Not that brushing teeth is a highly spiritual practice, but it is something I do every day and it reminds me to send good vibes her way. I've basically incorporated the power of prayer into my nurture project. I don't know if it will change anything, but it certainly can't hurt.

What is your New Year's resolution and/or Nurture Project?

P.S. Yesterday, Christophe's friend stopped by the apartment. There was a hot water heater issue and generally house repair require many French men to stand around and discuss. In Paris, these guys don't have cars to stand around so they have to stand around hot water heaters. I said to his friend, "Bonne Année." Happy New Year. And he replied with a laugh, "Et Bonne Santé." I didn't understand why he laughed, so off I went to Google to find out. I found this cute expression from
The simplest way to wish someone a happy new year in French is with Bonne année !, but Bonne année et bonne santé is a classic expression. In English, we say "happy new year," but the "new" is unnecessary in French - bonne année does the whole job. The addition of bonne santé (good health) is not only a nice thought, but it also rhymes, making a little sing-songy sort of phrase.
Good to know. I like me some sing-songy French phrases. So, dear reader,  Bonne année et bonne santé.


  1. You're probably a step ahead of me, but I'm thinking The Nurture Project needs to become a book. I think it'd be a bestseller.

    My nurturee is a friend who moved away and then had some heartbreak before the holidays. I made her a luck and love charm necklace and sent it to her. And I'm going to send her a special Valentine. I like the idea of praying and sending good juju though. Very smart.

    I don't make resolutions, just a giant to-do list for the year. Including fun ones like last year's "go topless on the honeymoon." :)

  2. I am beyond flattered that you liked my resolutions Janice! I enjoy the time of anticipation, reflection and planning that takes place at the start of the year. I love hearing people's hopes and plans for the future. I try to make my resolutions less about bashing myself for doing wrong, and more about nurturing things I already do, and am proud of. I think the language you direct at your own self should be chosen with care.
    When putting together this design, I did make a little list of the "mores" and "lesses" and came up with quite a few "mores." Looks like I'll have to find something to do less of if I'm going to accomplish all this extra stuff!

  3. That's a pretty wonderful New Year's resolution piece- I love your idea of framing it so you can refer to it often... I'm sorry your friend has no head, though.

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