Monday, January 16, 2012

Numerology explained

Ever wonder why people go ape shit over numerology? Me, too. So I went and found out so you wouldn't have to. You're welcome.

I found this video series on eHow that explains numerology. First you need to calculate your numbers. And for that, use the videos. She shows you how with a big pen and paper because it's mathy and simple, but too complicated to explain.
You'll need the name chart for calculating your name number, which is here:
Again, you're welcome.
So now that you've figured out your number, here's a handy dandy guide to telling you what it means.

What the numbers mean in numerology.

1. Leadership
You crave being in a position of prominence and are kind of a loner. You also dominate situations but not necessarily in a bad way. You're good at starting projects but not necessarily good at finishing them, which is why you'll never make it to the last book of the series. Ruled by the sun.

2. Partnership
You're the wind beneath someone else's wings. You're into being a partner, a follower, a good little supporter. You don't even see that you can be a push over. You also don't get resentful about the fact that they made a bunch films starring your boss and even resorted to making prequels, never once imagining making a film about you. Ruled by the moon... and your boss who you make look so good.

3. Creative
You're good times. You're into having fun. You're full of energy and tend to be an easy spender. In fact, you can be overly generous, so feel free to use my Donate button. You're also super artistic and can sometimes be too loud. Ruled by Jupiter.

4. Stability
This is Saint Peter, who built the church. You're into building strong foundations and are driven by success and security. Your constant need to be right annoys others. Ruled by Uranus, which I can't even say without giggling.

5. Change
You crave variety, love excitement, are adventurous, a good communicator and a good gambler. You're the kind of person worth who can travel on a warm summer's evening on a train bound for nowhere and not get freaked out. Ruled by Mercury.

6. Healer
You're the friend people confide in, shoulder they cry on, and are into keeping everything happy and harmonious. Conflict ain't you're bag, baby. You're a lover, not a fighter. You look sexy in an apron and we all know you have a crush on the dude who lives upstairs. Ruled by Venus.

7. Mystic
You're kinda psychic, which makes people think that you have a horseshoe up your arse because you tend to be quite lucky with solving crimes week after week. You're just intuitive and put things together in your head easily. You also happen to be the hottest thing ever.

8. Power
You are so money. You're attract financial abundance. You and money go together like peas and carrots, peanut better and jelly, the double header of Friends and Will and Grace or Thursday nights and Lost. Sometimes you can be downright evil. Ruled by Saturn.

9. Humanitarian
You're a do-gooder. You're the humanitarian. You make others feel like schmucks for not being as worldly or as kind as you. You're all about the greater good, which makes you great in the world but annoying at cocktail parties. Ruled by Mars.
What's your number?


  1. Janice - I LOVE your fresh approach to numerology! I have to go back and calculate my numbers again.

  2. I happen to be a 3, which means I'm a crazy muppet. Awesome! I'm not usually too loud, but now since I have a free pass to be so, I will take advantage of it.


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