Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Cure for the common cold

January's Letter of the Month (shown above) was all about eating citrus. A lot of good it did me because February was all about being sick. I had a mean case of The Influenza.

The symptoms started out innocently enough with simply feeling run down, but soon raged into nose-blowing, kidney pain, barfing (and the like), and a cough that wouldn't quit. Now, I'm delighted to announce that my dry hacking repetitive drowning cough has morphed into a wet hacking repetitive cough that spews substances of varying consistency and color.

Who would have known that the shift from dry hack drowning into gross wet blob would be so satisfying. But it is. 


I'm used to it.

They say a bad day for your body is a good day for your soul. In the middle of my TheraFlu/NeoCitron stupor, an angel visited me in a dream and told me this sickness was releasing old heartache and anxiety that I don't need to hold onto anymore.

I can't quite explain how all this spiritual healing mumbo jumbo works, but I woke and felt fearless. And I got down to all the little tasks that I was putting off due to fear or anxiety.

Prepare more paperwork for my French visa? Bring it.
Send off that article to a big magazine? Done.
Scrub the scary dark corners in the apartment? Scrubbed.

The Can-Do attitude remains even days later as I hack up more of the goo that was allegedly pent up heartache and anxiety. I'm left wondering what I was so afraid of before.

Sometimes the cure for the common cold IS the common cold.

Now I'm off to buy a dress. All that hacking has done wonders for my abs and made me feel svelte and sexy. Or maybe it was releasing the heartache. Beats me. All I know is I'm thinking... soft pink, short sleeves and flowy. 


  1. I got goose bumps twice reading this.

  2. That angel visited me too. She said next time, lay off the chili.

  3. I'm excited about that article!

  4. Melanie stole my line. You gave me goosebumps.

    And I can't believe you scrubbed the floor while you were still coughing. You deserve a trophy for that. ;)


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