Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Guest Poet Fame at Bentlily

Big news! I'm a guest poet over at Bentlily today. Head over there to read it. But in the meantime...

For a long time I yearned to love it
Lap up the heavy hitters
Whitman, Yeats, Neruda and the like
But fatigue took over
And guilt that I didn't make it beyond
A Rumi quote here and there

But then came Bentlily
Her insights are stitched together
In a pattern that is easy on the eyes
And warm to the heart
By the end of each poem
I sigh with satistfaction
She is my first sip of coffee
On a cool February day

--Janice MacLeod

Don't lie. You've felt the same way about poetry. Trying to be into it. Thinking that it's important to be well-read. Agonizing when you look over at Yeats but grab Danielle Steele. Don't worry. I've been there. It can be our little secret. You like how she writes the smutty parts. I get it. Been there.

But Bentlily writes the most beautifully accessible poetry. And while you're over there, you can read my poem as I am the super lucky first guest poet EVER on Bentlily.

Oh that gracious Samantha Reynolds and her poetry empire. How generous. How kind. How delicious. While you're over there you can get a poem generated just for you, too. I'm not sure how it works. Some computer bots or monkeys must be typing up personalized poems to bring nothing but pure joy joy joy.

Speaking of joy, joy, joy... not to bring it back to me but it's a blog after all... the Letter of the Month was created simply to bring joy, joy, joy through the traditional miracle that is the postal service. I'm creating my March letter now. Sign up to get a real letter in a real envelope every month. You can choose between 3, 6 and 12 month subscriptions.

What can you create that is made for the simple act of bringing joy, joy, joy to the world?

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