Thursday, February 23, 2012

Lent OR New Year's Resolution Part 2

Lent has arrived. 40 days of doing something more or less to prepare for risen Lord.

If you're a good Catholic like I am, you've used Lent to prepare less for the risen Lord and more for bikini season. A priest once said, "Lent is not Weight Watchers?"
Tell that to these thighs.

Last year I endeavored to practice my guitar every day for 40 days. Epic fail.

I managed to turn guitar PLAYING into guitar WORKING.

Though there is something to this whole Lent business. Even if you're not Catholic, Christian or a believer in anything in particular, there is one thing you know: You're going to die. And there is always some prep work that can be done in this regard. If you feel compelled, take time to ponder these deep thoughts over the next 40 days:

What can I do to make the world better before I leave it? 

Who can I forgive? (That person you just thought of? That one. More on this here.) A traveling priest said once that if you do nothing for 38 days and on the 39th day, you forgive someone that you've held a grudge against, you've done better than all those people who give up chocolate. More on his talk here.

How can I be kinder? More open? Develop a stronger love muscle? 

All these questions are good fodder for the Lenten season and I endeavor to ponder them during my daily meditation practice, which I hope doesn't go the way of the guitar practice from last year.

If you decided to give up chocolate anyway, might I suggest a gander at this video. Bwah ha ha haaa!


  1. Ditto. I thought you were suggesting we all do Kegels for Lent.

    1. That will totally make Lent doable for me.

  2. Had to go have a piece of chocolate, RIGHT NOW, and it was all your fault.


  3. Damn I didn't get here fast enough to make love muscle jokes.

    I may do something for Lent solely based on that one...ahem...or, amen.

  4. In order for me to be a kinder, more open person I've decided to eat a piece of chocolate every day for 40 days. Giving it up always seems to have a negative ripple effect. Really, it's better for the world as a whole.

  5. Well giving up potato chips is something that I really love..TRUST ME..I DO..haaa, so this is me showing how much I am thankfull for what GOD has done for me, and I am doing it with a GOOD HEART....


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