Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Canadian Living Magazine fame for letter writing!

I just finished up my Letter of the Month for March. Those joy-filed envelopes are now happily flying their way on the angel-winged miracle that is the postal service. Soon they will arrive in mailboxes around the world to turn frowns upside down.

Once such envelope made it's way all the way to Canadian Living Magazine and has been featured here. Joy of joys! Click, forward, comment, share, tweet, etc. if you please.

I like to imagine me from my prior life as a subscriber to the Letter of the Month. Back when I lived in Los Angeles and worked in an advertising agency. I arrive at the mailbox at the end of the day. I am tired and hungry. I have a heavy computer bag slung over my shoulder. I have a box of Chinese food in one hand, my mailbox key in the other.

I take a big sigh, knowing the visa bill is due to arrive. I open the mailbox and yank out the pile. I toss the flyers, some of which were actually created in my advertising agency. I exclaim, "They went with that stupid headline again?" I think back to writing alternate headlines for this piece. Evidently an exercise in futility since my headlines were so clearly ignored. I shake my head as I toss the flyers in recycling. I chuck the Chico's catalog, too, and wonder how I ever got on their mailing list.

And then I see the Letter of the Month. "Mmmmmm" I say. It's here. 

I walk my load up to my apartment, drop everything inside the door except the letter. I collapse onto the couch and open it.

I am transported to a life in Paris, where I meander down cobblestone streets and duck into bakeries. Where I sip wine with friends at caf├ęs as we nibble our way through a cheese tray. Where I say things like, Bonjour and Ca va? And people reply back in kind. Oui! Ca va.

As I lay on the couch, I decide that it's time to do this thing. Time to take the plunge. Time to start living the dreams. It's time to let myself go. I whip out my notebook and start jotting down the steps it will take to get there.

The Chinese food grows cold. 

If you would like to transport to the City of Lights every month, subscribe here. Or you can purchase gift subscriptions for friends and turn their frowns upside down.


  1. As Uncle Brad said Clear Creek hit the headlines only the people that were raised there would appreciate it. Enjoyed your blog it is amazing how I look foreward to reading it

  2. Yup, you pretty much nailed the experience. Can't wait to receive my next one!

  3. Congratulations, Janice for the CLM entry. Saving my pennies to purchase LOM for my granddaughter Kelsey. ( your uncle Lewis' granddaughter too). She's a seventeen year old romantic, wanna be writer, with big dreams. She'll love them.


  4. This is great! I had no idea you did this. What a beautiful, wonderful, amazing monthly present for people so they can ignore their horrible bills.

  5. Guess I should read the entries here to know what to expect in the coming months as I shift from being solidly grounded to drifting with the wind. Nice to bump into you Janice, let's make sure we do it again.

    1. Speaking of drifting, Dublin for St. Patty's Day next weekend. You should come at the same time so I've got at least one person who can direct the dredge if I end up falling into the Liffey while I'm there.

  6. I read about your blog in Canadian Living and really enjoy it. The magazine my link to Canada since I live in Vienna now. Is this city on your list of places to visit? It's fantastic!

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