Monday, June 4, 2012

A Jubilant Diamond Jubilee

London is sooo into me.

Every time I visit, Londoners unravel their strings of flags and roll out red carpets. Last year, they had a big wedding while I was there, and this year, they gave a 21-gun salute and went all out with a boat parade. Oh, and the queen had her Diamond Jubilee. 60 years of showing up on coins, waving and dressing in monochromatics. Good job, your majesty.

My timing is impeccable, if I do say so myself.

A few highlights of the Queen's big weekend... 
Waiting for the parade.
Looking for a throne in Victoria Station.
Ran into these black beauties.
The biggest collection of nutcrackers I've ever seen.
She looks good in red.
Just as well that the UK didn't win Eurovision this year. First, Engelbert Humperdinck is a tough sell. Second, with the Diamond Jubilee AND the Olympics, London is having a costly year. No need to host another shindig. Dig?
But offloading royal paraphernalia might help.
"Hey Janice! Didn't I see you here last year?"
Flags ahoy representin' too. 
I thought about picking up my copy but I had packed one book bag for 5 days away, which required precision packing. I would have had to hold it under my arm for a week. Still, I was tempted.
The celebratory biscuit collection was consumed onsite. Yum.


  1. Have you noticed that in every photo, or news clip, the Queen carries the same plain handbag in an ordinary color to match her ordinary outfit on an ordinary "Queenly" day. She must have a closet full of them. The Royal "handbagger" must have the easiest job in England.
    Maybe she'll bust-out for the Olympics and wear all the jewels and the crown for the opening ceremony!

    1. I bet her ordinary handbags would feed a hungry family even in London for a year! It could be hard work making it look so ordinary!


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