Thursday, August 30, 2012

Paris Letters aka Gobsmack Inducers

Since opening my Paris Letters shop on Etsy in January, I've sent over 500 letters all over the world. Whoot! Apparently people like getting fun letters in the mail, especially people in Canada, the USA and Australia. The letters also found their way into Canadian Living. I'm amazed and humbled by all the nice things people say, too. Just today someone wrote:
“You are an amazing artist and writer.”
Nearly bawled. Thanks. And someone else wrote:
“Nothing better than to come home to a beautifully written letter from Paris.”
And yet another:
“I'm just gobsmacked (in a good way)! This idea is fresh and amazing and fun and gorgeous.”
I love that I induced gobsmacking. I like being a gobsmack inducer (in a good way). 

And it occurred to me, dear reader, that you may not have seen my painted letters.

Feeling neglected and perturbed. *Sighing heavily*

Sorry about that. Now you have the complete collection from January until now... with a few other randoms thrown in. If you're moved, feel free to slap them up on Pinterest, share them on your usual social streams, twat them... er, I mean, twit them, etc.

TWEET! Get. With. The. Times.

Er, yes, tweet. And if you're feeling especially moved, you can subscribe to the Paris Letters, which will be different than those shown below, but of a similar ilk.

Ilk... strange word.


The moment you order, I'll race to mail yours out. Unless I'm sleeping. In that case, I'll mail it out right after my coffee. Sleep, then coffee, then mail your letter. That's the best I can do. That's how I roll.


You can also subscribe a friend who could use some sweet snail mail from Paris. Order now at my shop:

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Recipe: Beef Bourguignon... with photos!

People go bananas for beef bourguignon. It's a fancy name for beef stew. Julia Child's recipe is the most famous and the version below is based on hers. This recipe is guaranteed to help you win the affection of friends and family. It's also handy for getting you out of sticky situations. When I came home with a blender the other day that was WELL BEYOND the budget, I whipped up some beef stew and all was forgiven and forgotten. I also got a bonus back rub. Score.

The dumplings are optional but delightful. And Julia doesn't mention them in her book. My mom gave me the recipe. She's good that way.

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