Friday, August 3, 2012

Polyvore: Paris at home

I started playing around with this fun little Polyvore site. A kind of collage making site. You can find items online and make a collage out of them. Then if someone sees something in your collage that they like, they can click on it and find out where to buy it. Neat idea.

I found out about it through the Stats page at my Etsy shop. Turns out a lot of people are coming to see my painted letters because they saw them in a collage over on Polyvore. Score.

Some of the collages are inspiring works of art. So I figured I'd give it a try.

So far things aren't going my way. As is the case with most things that are new. Oh self-judgement, you are an unkind bedfellow. 

There is a lot of shuffling around of items in order to make the collage and everything is still hanging out in space. See below. Plus, the Search feature is strange. I searched "dress" and there were zero results. Obviously, it's something I did wrong since I'm the first one I judge in these types of techo-learning situations. It couldn't possibly be the computer. No. It's got to be me. And while I'm at it, I'll judge the water and the ozone layer, which ultimately is a judgment on mankind, which comes back to me and how I should recycle more or use less or something.


After eons and a good dose of self-judgement, this is the living room scene I created. Pretty bleak, folks.

How is it that people can make feature films and all I can do is manage this tiny sparse living room?


  1. I was so not getting it until I clicked on the beautiful Paris letter on the wall. SO much classier than the sofa! This is a rather cool idea.

  2. Hello Janice! I bumped into your blog while wandering around the internet visiting sites about Paris (which happens to be one of my very favourite spots!) Your photographs, your blog, makes it all a very wonderful place to visit! I loved your words in your earlier article "On being vulnerable", so very nice! I shall come back and visit again, keep up the good work :)


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