Do you write a different letter to each person?
No. That would take herculean efforts and they would take too much time for me and be to costly for you. It's a subscription service, like ordering a magazine. Each month everyone gets the same letter, but it's personalized.

How does the Painted Letters from Paris work?
I paint a picture. I write a letter about my daily life on said painting. I copy the painting to make high-quality prints on thick-ish paper. I personalize each letter with the receivers name and often add little tidbit just for them. I hand-address the envelope, slap on a French stamp, and send that bad boy in the mail.

Where can I subscribe?
Here at my Etsy store.

Can I get a gift subscription?
Absolutely. In fact, that's my most popular order. Just indicate who the gift is for in the Notes section when you order. It's really easy and obvious when you get there. And don't forget to give me their address.

Will you sell my mailing address?
No way. I used to work in advertising and created my fair share of direct mail. With all my experience, I'd never EVER sell your mailing address. That's just bad karma.

Where do you send the letters?

I have more questions that weren't listed here.
Email me at janicemacleod @ gmail . com

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