“Nothing better than to come home to a beautifully written letter from Paris." -- Joanna F.
Each month I create a letter about Paris. I paint it, copy it and personalize it. Then I mail it off in the post with a pretty stamp. People seem to love getting something other than bills and such. It's good old fashioned mail with a French flair. Since January 2012, I've sent out hundreds of letters. I'm hoping to send thousands.

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“I'm just gobsmacked (in a good way)! This idea is fresh and amazing and fun and gorgeous.” -- Sandi W.
In March, I sent old postcards I found at a flea market along with a letter about Angelina's hot chocolate, which is toted as the best hot chocolate in Paris. It's divine.
In May, I wrote about a statue I sit near in Jardin du Luxembourg.I spend a lot of time sitting in parks around Paris. They are great for daydreaming and resting my weary feet. In a few lucky mailings, I added fancy fridge magnets.
In this June mailing, I wrote about being haunted by the ghost of Hemingway, especially at his favorite bookstore, Shakespeare & Co. I added a few pages to each mailing of his memoir about Paris, A Moveable Feast. He once wrote, "If you are lucky enough to have lived in Paris as a young man, then wherever you go for the rest of your life it stays with you, for Paris is a moveable feast." This is a photo taken by a reader of my letters who is as obsessed with paper as myself. 
Perfect for:
  1. YOURSELF: Indulge in the joy of receiving something beautiful in the mail every month.
  2. BIRTHDAYS: Surprise someone with a thoughtful gift that lasts all year! 
  3. SENIORS: Light up their day with a letter from Paris. They like showing them off to friends.
  4. TEENAGERS: Teaches them about dreaming big, history and the joy of real mail.
  5. NURTURE PROJECTS: It's a great pick-me-up for someone going through a rough patch.
  6. FRIENDS: Especially for those who like surprises, pretty things and Pinterest. And those who are tough to buy for. This is a unique gift that they'll remember.
  7. BUSINESS: It's a great gift that reminds them about your services all year long.
  8. THANK YOU: Show them your thanks with a unique gift. 
  9. FRANCOPHILES: Dream of going to Paris? Know someone who does?
  10. ANYONE: Don't have time/skill/energy/inspiration/etc to write the letter? I do it for you.
Each package contains:
  • Hand-addressed envelope
  • Beautiful French postage stamp
  • Hand-painted letter (high-quality photocopying of my original art piece)
  • Hand-written personalization (no fonts used)
  • Postcard, sticker, coaster or other lovely surprise (optional... only if I find something amazing)
  • Love & Light (but you can't see it since it's invisible)
  • My eternal gratitude (also invisible)
    For more info or to sign up, head over at my Etsy store. 
    “I just received my first letter of the month and it is divine! This is an investment in joy, I tell you! Janice's painting is beautiful and her words are poetic. And the extra goodie she tucked in my envelope was so cute. What a great purchase from a great Etsy store.” -- Melissa M.

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