July 2012's love list 
Back in the advertising copywriting days, I wrote billboards that had to be 7 words or less. Here it goes again, with sites worthy of my love. (I'm counting words with a hyphen as one word.) I change this list frequently so visit often if you know what's good for you. 

Game Changers
Danielle LaPorte: Sermons on living a soulful, successful life.
Kind Over Matter: Authentic sharing and cool community.

Bentlily: Poems provokes tears and laughs daily.
Tanya Davis: YouTube video How-to-be-alone. Nuff said.

Craftwhack: Creative craft dabbler with an edge.
The Bloggess: Snort-worthy one-liners on each line.

Spiritual Growth:
Illuminating Souls: Angel Circles are cleansing soul showers.

Paper Fascinations
Lime Tree: Would make love to Filofax if possible.
Notebook Stories: My people wrapped in Moleskin.

Copywriters who found something better to do with their time and talents.
Mandy Fish: Insightful mommy blogger that doesn't bug.
Rotation & Balance: Great at angry venomous writing.
'S Wonderful: Exploring life wonderful with new hubbie.


  1. You just lumped me in with the Bloggess. My word. Thank you for loving me, and I love you, too!

  2. And there I am! Flattering, very flattering! Thanks!


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